Current Apparatus

ENGINE 38 | 2018 E-One | Typhoon Engine
2000 GPM pump 780 gallons of water, 2000′ 5″supply line

SQUAD 38 | 1999 E-One | Cyclone II Engine

LADDER 38 | 2018 E-One | HP1000 Rear Mount 100′ Quint
1500 GPM pump and 500 gallon water tank, 900′ 5″ supply line

1990 | GMC/E-One Rescue


CHIEF 38 | 2020 Chevy Tahoe


Apparatus Timeline

1914 Autocar, buckboard style, purchased rebuilt chassis, contracted James Boyd & Bros. to mount the body, air tank and chemical equipment for $150.00

1922 Ford Model-T two 35 gallon chemical tanks, no hose body, given to the fire company by the ladies auxiliary on 7/2, overhauled in 1926 for $328.00, on 7/1/30 converted for hauling of latecomers.

1925 American LaFrance, type 39, open cab, 600 GPM, reg. no. 5188, shipped 6/27/1925, triple combination, suction hose draped over rear-fender-drivers side. 40 gallon chemical tank. housed 7/15/1925 for $10,025.00. After being in service for 10 years it was overhauled. On 10/1/1952 sold to George M. Hughes for $551.00. In 1975 owned by Donald G. Meyer of Short Hills, NJ.

1928 Dodge/Graham Brothers, open cab, two 35 gallon chemical and hose unit. no windshield, 1 3/4 to chassis, purchased 9/10/1928 from Thorton Fuller for $3,047. in 1941 referred to as a squad and salvage unit.

1939 Autocar US Fire Apparatus
1939 Autocar/U.S Fire Apparatus, model RM or RL. open cab, R combination truck, 75/100, light duty chassis. eventually original body removed and modified as a rescue and light truck, on 9/3/1959 sold to Trevose Heights (Bucks County Pa.) for $700.00.

1941 Pirsch, semi-cab, quad 750_1001941 Pirsch, semi-cab, quad 750/100, double back open ladder racks with wooden ladders, Ser# 1179, on 3/22/1950 purchased used from Keystone-Boyertown (Berks County Pa.) for $9,500. In 1955 sold to Llanerch (Delaware County Pa.) In 1959 sold to East Lansdowne (Delaware County Pa.)

1953 Pirsch, open cab, 10001953 Pirsch, open cab, 1000/150, Waukesha gas engine, round the pump proportioned, Ser# 2080, purchased by the company, 4 speed manual transmission. Sold out of the fire service to Bill Prince who owned a local welding shop in 1984. Seen in 2006 sitting in a junkyard off of Rt 13 near I-95 in New Castle County DE.

1955 Pirsch, open cab, 85 ft
1955 Pirsch, open cab, 85 ft midmount aluminum ladder. 150 water tank, cost $34,756. red roto-rays mounted above windshield center, Ser# 2175 in service 2/24/1955. Sold in 02/1977 to Pittson, who prior to 1994 has sold it privately.

1958 Ford C. Christopher Bros1958 Ford C/Christoper Bros., full cab custom enclosed walk-in equipment unit with a 5 Kw generator, dual headlights chassis purchased from Madden Ford for $4,111. sent to Christopher Bros. to mount body for 10,500. placed into service 10/9/1959 nicknamed “Dumbo” by members. Sold to Level Fire Co. in Delaware  in 1976.

1961 Pirsch, open cab, 750 GPM1961 Pirsch, open cab, 750 GPM, Waukesha gas motor 5-speed manual transmission, usual to have open cab in this era, purchased by the company, sold out of the fire service in 1988 to a private buyer.

1973 PemFab_Imperial1973 PemFab/Imperial, Cincinnati canopy cab. 1250/500. This was the first engine ordered with a canopy cab and the new paint scheme of all Yellow, housed 5/19/1973, It had a Detroit 6-71N diesel motor, and a 5-speed manual transmission. It was sold to Campbelltown Fire Company (Lebanon County PA.) in 1988 who repainted it to Red and White. Campbelltown sent it to  out in late 1998 to Penna. Fire Apparatus of Gettysburg for a total refurbish which included the following: fabricate a rear enclosure on the cab, new cab shell and total repaint.

1977 Dodge Maxi-van, used as a rescue unit. Replaced in 1990 and sold to Ally Stevens, who owned a  local paper hanging company.

Oakmont PA 77 Pirsch _31901977 Pirsch

Oakmont PA 83 Pirsch _3303 (4)1983 Pirsch

Oakmont PA 88 Sutphen _HS-2126 (8)1988 Sutphen

Oakmont PA 90 E-1 GMC 7000 (1)1990 E-One GMC 7000

1994 E-One 100′ rear mount1994 E-One 100′ rear mount, designated Ladder-1, 500 GPM pump, 300 gallon water January 2018 sold to west cape may fire company in New Jersey.

1999 E-One Twin 200 GPM 750 gallon water tank1999 E-One Twin 200 GPM 750 gallon water tank. Call sign Engine-11, Engine-38. Engine 12, Squad-38. Engine 38 was sold to West Cape May in New Jersey January 2018

2017 E-One Cyclone 100′ rear mounted aerial Ladder-38, 1500 GPM pump and 500 gallon water tank, 900′ 5″ supply line

2017 E-One Typhoon Engine (Engine-38) 2000 GPM pump 780 gallons of water, 2000′ 5″supply line