Fire Prevention

Five Potential Life, Property, & Time Saving Tips

1) DIAL 911

Dial 911 when you have any emergency. If your house is on fire, always exit the house first, then use a neighbor’s phone or a cell phone to call.

Be prepared to give the 911 Operator the following information:

  • The nature of the emergency
  • Exact location of the emergency
  • Phone Number you are calling from
  • Your Name
  • Stay on the line and answer additional questions
  • Do not hang up until after the operator hangs up first


Smoke Detectors Save Lives
A smoke detector provides early warning of a fire in your home or office.
Place smoke detectors in all rooms. The more you have, the earlier you get warned.
Replace batteries twice per year. Each time you change your clocks, change your detector batteries.


Have a plan to get out of your house in case of fire. Know TWO escape routes.
If one plan is not possible, you have a back-up. Have a planned meeting spot outside for the whole family to meet.

If a family member is not the planned spot, we will know to search for that person. Practice this drill with your children often!

If you cannot exit your home:

  • Close the door to the room.
  • Stuff sheets, pillows, blankets, towels or other soft objects in the cracks and under the door to keep smoke out.
  • Open window if door is closed.
  • Throw objects to the ground to get the attention of firefighters.
  • Stay at window until help comes to you. If smoke is too bad, sit directly under the window.
  • NEVER HIDE! Hiding in closets, under beds or elsewhere may cause us not to find you.


Visible House Numbers and Fire Hydrants Save Vital Time!
When seconds count, emergency personnel need to find your home or business with ease. To better help us help you, these simple steps can make the difference:

  • Use large, clear numbers and letters on your mailbox or home.
  • Use reflective numbers and letters on your mailbox or home for night time.
  • If you do not have a mailbox at the roadside, use a post, sign or other visible object to display your address.
  • Clear away vines, shrubbery, or other plant life that obstruct the view of the address.
  • Businesses need visible addresses just as much as private residence. Often businesses have no visible addresses.
  • Fire Hydrants on your property are your responsibility to keep clear and visible! If a hydrant cannot be found, it may take many extra minutes to get water from a hydrant that is further away. These extra minutes may mean the loss of life and property.


Key Boxes are small safes mounted by the front door of a home or business in which a key is located. Only the Fire Department has access to the safe. This allows for faster access to the home or business during a fire or medical emergency, or when an alarm is sounding. When seconds count, the minutes saved by these boxes are invaluable. Please contact the Fire Chief for more information. If you have a key box, or you have codes to enter the home, please provide this information to your alarm company and to the Delaware County Department of Emergency Services so the information can be relayed to us when responding to an emergency.