Carbon Monoxide sends 3 to the hospital

On January 13th, 2009 around 0830 hours Company 38 was dispatched to 1911 Darby Road for an investigation. While enroute the FD was advised of possible carbon monoxide build up in the residence. On arrival of 38-9 (McGoldrick) he was greeted with (3) three victims on the ground in front of the quadreplex. He immediately summoned for the EMS to respond which brought Medic 108, 108a, 34-7, 34-7a, 56-7 and 56-7a.

On inital contact the residents were complaining of symptoms associated with exposure to CO (carbon Monoxide). Fireifghters quickly discovered levels of CO surpassing 240 ppm. The building was quickly ventilated and an urgent call went out to PeCO. The victims were all transported to local hospitals for treatment. Company 38 returned to service just after 0930 hours. Units on scene: Squad 38, Ladder 38, 34-7, 34-7a, 56-7, 56-7a, Medic 108, Medic 108a, HTPD, HT Fire Police and PECO.

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