Company Responds to Major Brush Fire

At 12:12 the company was called upon for a brush fire reported to be in the area of 26 Brennan Dr. After searching the area for a short time, it was realized that the fire was in the woods nearer to Interstate 476 milemarker 10 between that location and 3700 Darby Rd. Company  53 (Broomall) was called upon and soon after, company 64 (Edgemont) was added. The fire which strated roughly 200 yards into the woods and spanned an estimated 2 acres spread quickly as Engine 38 set up on Darby Rd., Squad 38 and company 53 set up on the Blue Route, and 64-4 (Brush) set up within the woods with 64-8 (Power Wagon) shuttling between it and Engine 38. Firefighters went to work at first controlling the fire with extinguishers and dirt while a viable water source was established. Roughly 3 hours and 15 minutes later the fire was under control and companies went available. No structures were in immediate danger and no injuries were reported.

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