Happy Memorial Day

Today; emergency responders from the township honored those who have served their country and community, with their annual Memorial Day service at Veterans Field. Oakmont firefighters also took the extra step of honoring their own with a special ceremony at the firehouse. The officers and crew donned Class A uniforms for the events and placed wreathes and memorials to commemorate those who served in various services to ensure the freedom of this nation and safety for the community.

Today also marks the unofficial start of summer and with that, the crew would like to recommend a few important tips to note for the season.

Fire Safety Tips for the summer:

  • Be sure to keep your grills clean and free of obstructions (cobwebs are a common cause of many grill fires).
  • Check and maintain areas where grease can accumulate.
  • Check hose lines for dry rot and make sure that they are tight.
  • Be sure to keep your grills away from flammable or volatile items and away from siding, deck railings, underneath eaves and branches.
  • Avoid spraying or pouring flammable liquids directly on flames.
  • Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing while cooking.
  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill.
  • Dispose of hot coals properly with plenty of water.
  • Have fun and be safe this summer!