New Chief

April 3rd, 2014- Leadership change: After six years of leading the Oakmont Fire Company, the current chief, Robert J. “Mags” McGoldrick, retired from his leadership role. Many family members, friends and representatives from the other township fire companies attended the ceremony.
In a heartfelt ceremony, Chief McGoldrick touched on his trials and tribulations from the time he was promoted to Lieutenant all the way up to Chief. He added that our future is derived from our past. Making note of past Chief Jack Healy’s presence.
McGoldrick expressed his thanks to family, friends and his firehouse family for their unwavering support and dedication. He went on to ask the firefighters to continue moving forward and fully support the new chief. He then officially turned the “helm” over to William Hatton, Jr. who also, in turn, thanked his family and friends for their support. Bill was ceremoniously handed the Oakmont Chief’s hat by his father, William Hatton, Sr., Chief emeritus.
Attendees then retired to the crew room for food and refreshments.
Thank you to Mags for your contributions and leadership over the years. Good luck to Bill in his future as Chief of the Oakmont Fire Company. Semper Paratus!!


Photos courtesy of  Pete Bannon