Santa’s Helpers Go to Work Before He Comes to Town

  Just hours before the firefighters of Oakmont were set to greet Santa for his annual pre-Christmas tour of Havertown, Companies 38 and 35 (Brookline) were dispatched for a working dwelling fire at 713 Haverford rd. in the Bryn Mawr section of Haverford Township. 38-9 (Chief McGoldrick) was en route when police advised that the fire was visible through the roof from the front of the house. 38-9 was the first arriving fire unit followed shortly thereafter by Squad 38 which was put into immediate service, stretching an 1 3/4″ hose to the front of the house. At this point, 38-9 requested Squad 56 (Manoa) for the RIT, and Rescue 58 (Bon Air) for the Air Bank. Also on scene was Haverford Car 1 (FIRE MARSHALL MARINO) Ambulance 34-7, Medics 108-108-9A-and MontCo 313. Haverford PD and HTBF Fire Police assisted with traffic control while units operated on the fire ground. No one was injured at the home and the company was able to make it back the station in time to great old St. Nick.