Trolley Fire

At 14:47 hours on Thursday, May 2nd Oakmont Fire Company was on Dayton Road for the C.O. Alarm. 38-9 (McGoldrick) checked the residence with the meters and found 0 readings on the meter. As 38-1 arrived on location Fire Board called 38-9 advising him of a second call in the local on Haverford Road in the area of Ardmore for the trolley fire. Ladder 38 was on the way to the C.O. call and checked the P&W line from Haverford & Wynnewood towards Ardmore Ave. Engine-38 checked the P&W line from County Line Road down to College, when the engine passed over College Ave smoke was visible. Engine 38 asked for the traffic to be stopped on Haverford Road. Ladder 38 & 38-9 arrived on location as a hand line was stretched towards the trolley. 38-12 (T. Straub) informed 38-9 that there was an active fire on the trolley, in the area of the breaks. Two dry powder extinguishers were used to extinguish the fire as the trolley was still energized and the fire was spreading to the brush. The passengers were escorted to Ardmore Avenue Station by the operators of the trolleys and the Haverford Police. Traffic along Haverford Rd. was eventually restored as the company went available.